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FERTILE SOIL            Page 2

V. 2 ** By this time in the earthly ministry of our Lord, how were the crowds of humanity responding to Him?

"...great multitudes gathered to Him". They were in awe of Him! Not necessarily worship, but awe of what He could do, and they followed Him everywhere to see what they might get.
cf. John 2:23-25

** What "position" does Jesus appropriate?

The teaching "position" was a common rabbinic fashion of the day. A Rabbi would sit down to teach about the Word of God. cf. Matthew 5:1-2, John 8:2

** How many were still trying to hear Jesus?

"...the whole multitude was standing on the beach."

V. 3 ** Who is this parable about?

A Sower who "went out to sow".

V. 4-8

** How many types of soil were sown with the seed?

Four types -
1) beside the road (V. 4)
2) rocky places (V. 5)
3) among the thorns (V. 7)
4) good soil (V. 8)

** What is the main characteristic of the soil beside the road?

This road that Jesus was referring to was common in Palestine, especially here in the Galilee region. The fields would be separated by such "roads" and the soil would be untilled and packed down hard by all of the foot traffic. Any seeds that would fall on it were prevented from penetrating and taking root.

** What is the main characteristic of the soil in the rocky places?

While this soil did have some "earth" or dirt on its surface, the term describes an underlying bed of solid rock, deeper than the plow reached, mostly composed of limestone. When the seed began to germinated, its roots could not penetrate the rock that was just below the surface.

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