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Redeeming the Time - Part 1

FAITHFUL SERVICE            Page 6

** What is it that we should want to present to our Lord, according to Moses?

"...a heart of wisdom..." that redeems the time!


** What were the three specific truths that when applied to our life will help us to redeem the time for the Lord's sake, by offering Him "Faithful Service"?

We need to:

1) Be ready - clothed in His righteousness

2) Be waiting - for His return, while living a holy lifestyle.

3) Be faithful - so that when He comes, He finds us doing the job that He has given us to do!


** How do you think you are doing? Of course we are mainly focusing on "Redeeming the Time", but even in the little things, are you doing the job that Jesus has given you to do?

If not, make a short list of things that you would like to improve upon this week. Then go back to that list in prayer as you talk to the Lord about your desire to serve Him faithfully.


** Today we have begun to understand that "Redeeming the Time" is a serious and specific call of God that we must faithfully answer. Let's pray together now and ask Him to strengthen us to do His will, for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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