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FAITHFUL SERVICE            Page 4

V.42 ** To answer Peter's question, Jesus tells another parable. This time what is the first characteristic noted of the servant in the parable?

Again, the "faithful" servant, here also referred to as sensible.

** What is his job?

His master puts him in charge of feeding and caring for the other slaves, a position of importance and great responsibility.

V.43 ** Before we see the outcome of this story, what jobs has Christ given you to do? Can you name them as they apply to your life specifically?

For myself - Husband, father, provider, protector, friend, witness, teacher, admonisher, encourager, proclaimer, vessel for His glory.

** If the slave is faithfully doing the job when his master comes, how will he feel about it?

The slave or servant of Christ, will be blessed and not ashamed at His coming.
cf. 1Peter 4:15-16

V.44 ** What will be his reward?

Because he was faithful with the charge of caring for the master's servants, the slave is now given oversight over all of the master's possessions.

Our heavenly reward is our capacity to worship, praise and serve the Lord for all of eternity. That reward is based upon the faithfulness in our service to Christ in this life!
All see - Matthew 16:27 and 1Corinthians 3:10-15

V.45 ** Now back in Luke 12:45, what happens if the slave of this parable thinks he has time to kill, what impact will that have on his obedience?

He will begin to beat his fellow slaves and eat the food that was meant for them! His lack of redeeming the time and his incredible wasting of time has led him into sin.

V.46 ** While he is maliciously misusing the time that his master has given him, what rather shocking event takes place?

The master comes home!

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