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Faithful Service


V.35 ** We don't get very far into this verse before we learn the first profound truth in Scripture relative to redeeming the time. Do you see it?

1) "Be dressed in readiness..." Lit. "Let your loins be girded", Jesus is saying that we are going to have to be ready for the battle. When one was about to be challenged with a life threatening
situation, he would take the long tunic from down around his ankles and draw it up about his waste to help his legs to be free to support him and move him as became necessary. Jesus was telling His followers to be ready, for whatever might come!

** What really dresses us in readiness? What clothing is it that the Christian is wearing, which makes him or her ready to meet their returning master?

The clothing of His righteousness.
All see - Romans13:13-14, Ephesians 4:20-24 and Galatians 3:27

** Now back in Luke 12, what do we do once we are ready in our righteous clothing?

Let our light shine or "keep your lamps alight". This parable works in concert with our Lord's literal teaching in Matthew 5:16.

V.36 ** Alright if we want to redeem the time we must first be ready with a life that reflects the righteousness of Jesus Christ to the world around us. Secondly, what are we doing?

2) We are waiting!!! "Be like men waiting for their master..."

** What do you notice about who these men are waiting for?

This is personal, it is "their" master for whom they wait.

** What will happen the moment their master knocks on the door?

They will "immediately open the door to him". How often do you get a surprise knock at the door and then scramble to pick up the living room before you open it? Our life, if it is going to redeem the time, must be waiting for and anticipating the return of our Lord.
cf. 2Peter 3:11-12, 1John 3:2-3

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