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Redeeming the Time - Part 4

FAIR SALARIES            Page 6
V.12 (Cont'd.)

** If they would accept it, the disciples would learn the meaning of "the last shall be first, and the
first last" from the heart of the complaint put forth by these workers. Do you see it?

It is in the little word "equal". No matter when you are called, all receive the same wage, the gift of eternal life!

V.13 ** How does the landowner respond to this public humiliation?

Respectfully! He uses the term "hetairos" for friend, which meant casual companion, and lets them know firmly but courteously that they are out of line. "I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius?" He reassures them that he has held up his end of the agreement.


** What principle is the landowner establishing in the eyes of these workers?

He (the landowner) is in charge. He can do whatever he desires and in this case it was to pay everyone the same, regardless of how long or how well they had worked.

** What very sinful trait was being displayed by these workers?

Their eye had become "envious". The word used here is "poneros", which literally means "to toil". It is translated as "evil" some 49 times in the New Testament. We must guard our hearts to not become envious or jealous of one another in Christ!

V.16 ** As Jesus wraps up this parable, what statement does He now repeat?

"Thus the last shall be first, and the first last". cf. Matthew 19:30

** What does the "day" in this parable represent?

Our lifetime here on earth. Will we spend it just standing around in the market place, or working for the Lord in His vineyard?

** What does the denarius in this parable represent?

Salvation. It does not matter if you receive Christ at the end of your life (day) or as a young person at the beginning of their "day", the reward of eternal life is the same!

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