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Renewing Our Mind - Part 2

A PREPARED MINDSET            Page 6


** Today we have learned that for a Christian to renew his mind he must be willing to develop "A Prepared Mindset". That is attainable as we gird our minds for action. Do you recall why we would do that, to what are we responding?

"The glory and splendor of such a wonderful salvation"!

** How urgent is the need to renew our minds?

It is immediate, every day we are to "gird up the loins of our mind for action".


** What were the seven elements of preparing our minds for action?

1) A spiritually disciplined thoughtlife
2) Fixing our hope on eternity in Christ
3) Avoiding conforming to our old lifestyle
4) Be holy, for our God is holy
5) Develop a reverence for God
6) Living in "obedience to the Truth"
7) Life based upon the foundation of God's Word


** As our study for today began, I asked you a penetrating question designed to cause you to stop and think about your walk with the Lord. It bears repeating, "Are you remembering throughout the week the rich truths that God teaches us?"

Do you care enough about your walk with the Lord to review the seven elements of a prepared mind as you walk with Him this next week?


** May our Lord be pleased with our desire to develop "A Prepared Mindset" by spending time this next week reviewing what we have learned together today.

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