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V.23 ** In the heart of every true believer is the seed that causes us to be "obedient to the Truth". What is it?

"...the living and abiding word of God." All see - Hebrews 4:12-13

** Now back in 1Peter 1:23, what two things does Peter say about the longevity of God's word?

It is the "imperishable" seed and "abiding" word!

V.24 ** That introduces the 7th and final element of a mind which has been prepared for action. How firm is our foundation, if it is the Word of God?

Peter draws from the prophet Isaiah in chapter 40, verses 6-8, and comes to the conclusion that the Word of God "abides forever". Biblically speaking, 7. "A Prepared Mindset" is one that is girded for action based upon the foundation of God's unchangeable Word.

** To what does Peter compare our flesh (or life)?

To the grass of the field. It is green, vibrant, flourishing with life and beauty. It even has its own glory in "the flower of grass".

** What happens to it and us when trials come, if we are not founded upon the Word of God?

"The grass withers, and the flower falls off". Just a note: Isaiah 40:7 says that it is the breath of the Lord, Himself, which blows upon it and causes it to whither!

V.25 ** How does God's Word compare to our flesh or grass?

It abides forever!

** The good news is that verse 23 reminded us that we are indeed founded upon the imperishable, abiding Word of God, so how long will we abide?

Also, forever! cf. John 3:16, 36, 6:40, 11:25-26

** Peter concludes with a most important reminder to his readers, what is it?

This gospel truth, this imperishable Word, this living and abiding word of God, is in fact the word which was preached to you. They, and we who trust in Christ today, do so based upon the foundation of His glorious truth, the Word of God.

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