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Renewing Our Mind - Part 2

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A Prepared Mindset


V.13 ** Up to this point in his letter, Peter has been doing a masterful job of establishing the grandeur of our salvation. For example:

V. 3 - God "...has caused us to be born-again..."
V. 4 - Our inheritance is "...reserved in heaven"
V. 5 - We are "...protected by the power of God"
V. 8 - Our faith produces a love for Jesus Christ which makes us "greatly rejoice with joy
inexpressible and full of glory..."
V. 9 - Our faith produces "the salvation" of our souls.
V. 10-12 - Our salvation is of such wonder that even the prophets and angels were amazed!

**"Therefore", what must be our response today to the glory and splendor of such a wonderful salvation?

Peter says, "Therefore, gird you minds for action"

** What is it about that command that shows us the urgency of the need?

Peter literally said, "gird up the loins of your mind for action". He is drawing a word picture of someone who would take the loose garment of the day and pull it up, tucking it into the belt, in preparation for a vigorous activity or even battle.

As we live our daily Christian life, with a renewed mind, it is not going to simply be a case of "Let go and let God". We are going to be actively involved in the process, daily! The need is NOW!

** Today we are going to learn seven elements of "girding up the loins of our mind" or developing "A Prepared Mindset". Peter gives us the first one right away, do you see it?

1. "...keep sober in spirit..."

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