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Renewing Our Mind - Part 4

A PEACEFUL MINDSET            Page 2

A Peaceful Mindset


V. 4 ** As the apostle begins to wrap up his letter to the Philippian church, what heart response is he calling for as believers learn more about their relationship to God through Jesus Christ?

The response of rejoicing!

** How often should the believer be involved in this?

"...always..." Even during difficult times, we should be about the business or heart attitude of rejoicing.

** How determined is Paul for them to get the message?

He immediately repeats himself, "...again I say rejoice..."

V. 5 ** By Paul's next exhortation, how do we know that the rejoicing he is calling for is while suffering in
this world?

Because he is calling for our "forbearing spirit" to be put on display before all men. The word translated "forbearing" is epieikes and means; seemly, equitable or yielding. While it is translated as forbearing only here, in is translated as gentle in four other passages.
(cf. 1Timothy 3:2-3, Titus 3:1-2, James 3:17 and 1Peter 2:18)

** What reason does Paul give for Christians to rejoice and to have this "gentle" spirit about them?

"The Lord is near!" In the context of his letter to the Philippians, the return of Jesus Christ is imminent! Either at the rapture of the church or the home going of each individual Christian, the Lord is very close and we are to rejoice always and be gentle to all, in the light of that marvelous truth, without regard for the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
(cf. Philippians 3:20-21)

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