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Renewing Our Mind - Part 3

A LOVING MINDSET            Page 6


** What was wrong with the lawyer's approach to Jesus?

He wanted to put Jesus to the test and was only looking to justify his own short-sighted, self-
serving flesh.

** How should we view others who cross our path, even if they are different from us in culture, creed or race?

As our neighbors! We should pursue the opportunity to share "A Loving Mindset" with all that Jesus brings our way.


** What are the three components of "A Loving Mindset"?

1) Compassion - "to be moved in the inward parts"

2) Caring - Don't stop at the emotional level but respond with action to meet the pressing need.

3) Covering the Cost - As the Lord provides for you, be willing to share for the provision of others that He leads your way.


** In the process of "Renewing Our Mind", am I willing to hold lightly to earthly treasures so that I might meet the needs of others and glorify my Father which is in heaven?


** When we began this series, we discovered that we needed to renew our minds because while acting in our flesh we are short-sighted and self-serving in our thinking. We then learned that the need for renewal was immediate and called for a commitment to being prepared. Today we have seen that a renewed mind treats others as neighbors, as it develops "A Loving Mindset". Will you spend time this week living all three lessons, as we work our way toward "A Peaceful Mindset" next week?

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