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A LOVING MINDSET            Page 5

V.36 ** Remember, this entire story is a parable designed to show the lawyer how far he has missed the commandment of God to "love your neighbor". What does Jesus ask the lawyer to do?

Make a judgment, or give his opinion, based upon the facts given. He had to commit himself.

** Before we see his answer, based upon the question of Jesus to the lawyer, how broad is the application of the word "neighbor" in the life of the child of God?

Our "neighbors" are anyone and everyone that the Lord brings across our path. Even the stranger that has a need that we can meet, qualifies as our neighbor.

** Does that mean that we spend our whole paycheck for all of the homeless that end up in our town?

No, there is a balance that God calls for:

1Timothy 5:8 - provide for your own household
2Thessalonians 3:10-12 - no work, no food

But our hearts should always reflect all three components of "A Loving Mindset"...

1) Compassion - "to be moved in the inward parts"

2) Caring - Don't stop at the emotional level but respond with action to meet the pressing need.

3) Covering the Cost - As the Lord provides for you, be willing to share for the provision of others that He leads your way.

V.37 ** Let's get back to the lawyer, what was his answer?

He knew that the one who showed mercy (notice that he could not refer to him as a Samaritan) was the one who had proven himself to be a neighbor.

** What solid advice does Jesus give this man?

"Go and do the same" or stop resting on your legal understanding of God's law and start living the heart of love that Jesus had been portraying before them all.

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