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A LOVING MINDSET            Page 2
V.25 (cont'd.)

** What do we know about the man's motives from this passage?

He "stood up and put Him to the test..." (V.25)
"But wishing to justify himself..." (V.29)

This man belonged to the group of Pharisees, who were always trying to find ways to discredit Jesus in a public forum. All see - Matthew 22:15-22

** Knowing his false motives, what is wrong with the question that this man asks of Jesus?

The address...he calls Him "Teacher" [didaskalos], meaning "an instructor". This guy feigns respect, while all the time is trying to find the flaw.

He did not want to know how to inherit eternal life, but was trying to catch Jesus in an error as He answered the question.

V.26 ** How does Jesus handle this attempt at entrapment?

By reversing the process, He asks the "lawyer" what is written in the Law, "How does it read to you?"

V.27 ** Does the lawyer give his opinion in the answer?

No. He merely gives a direct quote from the Pentateuch, not wanting to expose his selfish sin.

V.28 ** At this point we must realize that the lawyer is in way over his head by trying to out smart the Lord. Did Jesus know what this man was thinking?

Absolutely, He always did! cf. Matthew 9:4, 12:25, Luke 6:8 and 9:47 (the disciples).

** So how does He set him up for the kill?

By telling him that he was right!

** So what was the problem, was this guy going to inherit eternal life just for knowing the scripture?

No! He had to do all of it! cf. Galatians 3:10

V.29 ** As he senses eminent failure, how does the lawyer try to squirm out of the tight spot that his legalism has gotten him into?

He tries to qualify, "...who is my neighbor?"

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