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A GODLY MINDSET            Page 6

V.28 ** How do you suppose the disciples were feeling, having just heard this incredible news of Christs' impending death and the overwhelming call to have "A Godly Mindset"?

They had to be shaken at the prospective loss of Jesus and the challenge of accepting God's will.

** What does Jesus tell them to strengthen their resolve to obey?

"...some..." of you are going to see Me in my Glory before you die. Jesus uses the word "basileia", translated here "kingdom", which literally means: royal majesty or regal splendor.

** Why does Jesus refer to Himself as the "Son of Man"?

It was the title of His humanness, prophetically given to the Messiah in Daniel 7:13.

** How long did they have to wait?

Six days - Read Matthew 17:1-8

That event was designed to give them and us the courage to accept what was to come! When you are challenged by life's events, remember the Glory of the One in whom you have come to believe. cf. 2Timothy 1:12


** Why do our minds need to be renewed?

Because we set our minds on the interest of man, rather that on God's interest.


** What were the three steps to producing "A Godly Mindset"?

1) Deny yourself - Do not look out for your own interest!
2) Take up your cross - Be willing to suffer or die if necessary, for Christ's sake!
3) Follow Jesus as Lord - Be obedient to His Word!

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