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A GODLY MINDSET            Page 5

V.24 ** What a great principle to live by, but how is it done? How can we accomplish so lofty a goal? Jesus gives His disciples and us a three step plan to do just that. What is it?

1) Deny yourself - Do not look out for your own interest!
2) Take up your cross - Be willing to suffer or die if necessary, for Christ's sake!
3) Follow Jesus as Lord - Be obedient to His Word!

** By the way, what is a synonym for "wishes to come after Me"?

Becoming a Christian. cf. Acts 11:25-26 (Barnabas)

V.25 ** In these next three verses, Christ expands on all three steps of how we can renew our minds and develop "A Godly Mindset". First, if I am to be able to deny myself, what must I be willing to do?

Lose myself in my desire to live for Jesus. cf. Galatians 2:20

** Just a note: What becomes of the unregenerate person that is preoccupied in saving his own life?

He "...shall lose it..."

V.26 ** Secondly, how must my value system change, so that I will be willing to "take up my cross" daily? (Luke 9:23)

We must realize that "the whole world" does not offer enough "profit" for us to exchange for the privilege of enduring suffering for Christs' sake with "A Godly Mindset". cf. Philippians 3:8

V.27 ** Thirdly, what incentive does Jesus give us to follow Him in obedience to His Word, with a renewed mind?

He "...will recompense every man according to his deeds."

** Is that good news for everyone?

No! cf. John 5:24-29

Saved receive rewards - 2Corinthians 5:9-10
Lost receive judgement - Revelation 20:11-15

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