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A GODLY MINDSET            Page 4
V.22 (cont'd.)

** Do you think that Peter was at all open to this plan of God?

Absolutely not! He adds, "This shall never happen to you!"

** How does Peter's command to Jesus show the hollowness of the title by which he had referred to Him?

If Jesus was "Lord", Peter should have subjected himself to the will of God instead of selfishly looking out for his own interests and opposing God's sovereign will.

** Do we ever react that way when the Lord sovereignly brings earth shaking events into the daily course of our life ?

Of course! It sounds like this..."Why me, Lord?"

When joy comes to us, it seems only proper for the children of God, but when sorrow comes our way we doubt our heavenly Father's wisdom and love.

V.23 ** How does Jesus respond to this spiritual insurrection?

He blasts Peter, who He had just blessed (V.17), and equates him to Satan! cf. Matthew 4:1-11

** What was Peter's self-centered or fleshy mindset putting in the way of Jesus?

A stumbling block! Peter was actually trying to stop God's eternal will for the redemption of man!

** What was at the core of the problem? How do we know that Peter did not have "A Godly Mindset"?

"...for you are not setting your mind on God's interest, but man's." All see - Romans 8:5-8

** Back in Matthew 16:23, what general principle can we derive from our Lord's statement that will help us to develop "A Godly Mindset"?

Principle: "Don't set your mind on man's interest, but on God's."

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