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A GODLY MINDSET            Page 3
V.21 (cont'd.)

** How certain was the fulfillment of these four events in the heart of Jesus?

Jesus knew "...that He must go..." This is more than mere determination on the part of Jesus. There are four reasons that all four of these events had to take place. Let's see them together...

1) Human sinfulness - Matthew 20:28
2) Divine Requirement - Hebrews 9:22
3) Divine Decree - Acts 2:22-24
4) Prophetic Promise - Psalm 22:11-18, Psalm 16:8-11

This plan was the essential, unalterable plan of God, set in motion before the world was made. God's plan is not subject to change. It can only be believed or rejected, but never altered!

** As Jesus shared this prophetic truth with His disciples, what part do you think they did not hear, or at least, did not understand?

"...and be raised on the third day" cf. John 20:9

If they had understood the victory over death and sin that Jesus was about to accomplish, they would have been more likely to support God's will.

V.22 ** Peter, still needing to have his mind renewed, had a rather fleshy response to the news. What did he do?

He "...took Him aside and began to rebuke Him..."
Matthew uses the word "epitimao" which means to invoke an authoritative judgement. cf. V.20

** Why would Peter react that way, upon hearing the future of Jesus?

He had put all his stock in Jesus, and did not want any part of the idea that Jesus was going to die! All see - John 6:66-69, Mark 10:23-30 (V.28)

** Back in Matthew 16:22, what does Peter say to Jesus?

"God forbid it, Lord" This statement was taken from a Hebrew colloquialism meaning, "May God in His mercy spare you this". Because of Peter's "rebuke" posture, the phrase is translated in its most negative connotation, "God forbid it".

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