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Renewing Our Mind - Part 1

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MOTIVATE (cont'd.)

** Why do our minds need to be "Renewed"? How urgent is the need? How does a renewed mind treat others? What is the main characteristic of a renewed mind?

These four questions, and many others will be answered in our four part series that we have called "Renewing Our Mind".

The four parts are:

A GODLY MINDSET - Matthew 16:21-28
A PREPARED MINDSET - 1Peter 1:13-25
A LOVING MINDSET - Luke 10:25-37
A PEACEFUL MINDSET - Philippians 4:4-9

Please open your Bibles to Matthew's gospel, chapter 16, verses 21-28 and let's learn from our Lord, Himself, what it means to have "A Godly Mindset".

Read Passage (V.21-23) (V.24-26) (V.27-28)

Opening Prayer

A Godly Mindset


V.21 ** Even before we dive into today's text, can anyone answer the question, "Why do our minds need to be renewed"?

As fallen man, even when we are born-again, our thinking process is often short-sighted and usually self-serving. We need a renewed mind so that we can walk in step with the thoughts of God. cf. Isaiah 55:8-9, Proverbs 14:12

** What is it about Matthew's narrative that indicates a change in the focus of our Lord's earthly ministry?

Matthew says, "From that time..." cf. Matthew 4:17

He used the same term earlier to mark the beginning of the Lord's public ministry to Israel, which included some occasional private instruction to the Twelve. Here he uses it to mark the beginning of His private ministry to the Twelve, with some occasional public instruction.

** What four things did Jesus want His disciples to know about this change in His earthly ministry?

1) He must go to Jerusalem 2) He must suffer
3) He must be killed 4) He must be raised on the third day

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