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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 4

THE PROMISE OF PRAISE            Page 3

V.26 ** Once the Lord has saved every Gentile that was chosen from before the foundation of the earth, the "time of the Gentiles" will have been completed or fulfilled. The church will be raptured and Israel will open her heart to the Messiah. How many Israelites will be saved?

"...and thus all Israel will be saved..."

** Says who?

Scripture! Paul borrows from Isaiah 59:20, where the prophet spoke the promise of God to save all of Israel.

** How will the "Deliverer" accomplish that?

"He will remove ungodliness from Jacob"
David knew that to be true! cf. Psalm 103:12-14

V.27 ** What will be the manifestation of God's covenant with His people Israel?

"When I take away their sins." God is going to take away their sin, based upon His word!

V.28 ** This is an amazing act of God's grace upon a people that He had called disobedient and obstinate. What two perspectives help us understand the grandeur of God's love?

1) In order for salvation to come to the Gentiles, Israel had become the enemy of God!

2) God's love and choosing of Israel never wavered during their time of rebellion. (Centuries!)

V.29 ** How is that possible, why didn't God change His mind?
What promise does Paul give us, that proves to be the very foundation for our praise of Jesus Christ?

"...for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable..." All see - 1Corinthians 1:9,
1Thessalonians 5:24, Hebrews 10:23, 11:11

** When God calls you into His family, can anything undo or reverse the effect of that call?

Absolutely not! cf. Romans 8:28-30, Philippians 1:6

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