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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 1

V. 9 (cont'd.)

** How is that possible?

Paul is drawing from his example in Deuteronomy 30:14 and following the parallelism of that text.

V.10 ** Why does verse 10 begin with the word "for"?

Paul is about to explain further the process of salvation. Here in verse 10 Paul gives the chronological order of redemption.

** What happens first at the moment of salvation?

"...with the heart man believes (the gospel)..."

** What does that accomplish?

We receive the imputed righteousness of Christ!

** What always follows in the life of someone who's heart has believed the gospel, causing them to be born again?

The person's mouth will confess Jesus as Lord!
cf. Luke 6:45 with James 2:19-20 (Useless faith!)

** Again, what does that accomplish?

Salvation! God's deliverance from the sin that had separated us from His holy presence.

** Are these two separate steps that man must do in order to save himself from the death sentence of sin?

Absolutely not! They merely serve together to describe the single moment in time when someone is saved by coming to a knowledge of the truth and placing their faith in Jesus Christ, which has been granted to them by God's grace. cf.Ephesians 2:8-10


** What was wrong with Israel's zeal for God?

(V.2) It was "not in accordance" with a knowledge of the truth but merely their own legalism!

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