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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 2

V.14 (cont'd.)

** What message does every believer in Jesus Christ have to share with the world?

Our lifestyle of praise should be manifest in a heart of thanksgiving toward Christ for the forgiveness of our sin and the eternal life we have inherited with Him.

V.15 ** By what authority do we Christians go into the world and proclaim this good news?

By the fact that we have been "sent" by God! cf. Matthew 28:18-20, 2Timothy 4:2

** How is this "proclamation" different in scope from our "Profession of Praise" that we saw last time?

At our salvation we believe in our heart that God raised Christ Jesus from the dead (the gospel) and we profess Jesus to be our Lord (our response). That "Profession of Praise" is reflective upon the work of Christ on our behalf on the cross and is more personal in nature.

The "Proclamation of Praise" is the proclaiming of the gospel to the whole world! Here is where our lifestyle of praise overtly reaches out into the lives of the world around us.

** How attractive, in the eyes of the Lord, is the one who will share the good news of the gospel?

Paul borrows from Isaiah 52:7, where the prophet spoke of the good news of being delivered from the Babylonian captivity, and he is saying that those who will carry the good news to the world are indeed "beautiful". cf. Romans 1:15

V.16 ** Even if we were perfectly faithful to always proclaim the gospel, are there going to be times when people do not want to hear or heed the message?

Yes, tragically, "...they did not all heed the glad tidings...." Again, Paul borrows from Isaiah, in the prophecy about the Suffering Servant, he asks "Who has believed our report"? A sad lament over the sinners who refuse to respond to God's grace.

** Who is going to believe our report?

Those that God has chosen to hear, believe and repent!
All see - Acts 13:44-48, 5:30-32, 2Timothy 2:24-26

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