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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 3


V. 7 ** Had Israel (nationally speaking) obtained the righteousness it was seeking, by keeping the Law?

No. "That which Israel is seeking for, it has not obtained..."

** Had any individual Israelites obtained that righteousness by faith?

Yes. "...those who were chosen obtained it..." Remember, there is no distinction with God, both Jew and Gentile are saved by grace through faith.

** What about the rest, what happened to them?

They were hardened! Here the word for hardened is "poroo" and is in the passive tense, indicating that the hardening was caused by an outside power. God, Himself hardened the rest of Israel! All see - Exodus 4:21, 9:12, 10:20

Why does God harden? For His glory sake! cf. Exodus 9:16, Romans 9:17

V. 8 ** Was this some new revelation that Paul was giving to his Roman readers, or should they have already known about God hardening the hearts of the nation?

It was promised! Paul borrows from the law (Deuteronomy 29:4) and the prophets (Isaiah 29:10) to illustrate God's intention to harden Israel's heart.

V. 9-10

** Even King David knew this was going to happen, what does he mean by referring to "their table"?

"A person's table is generally thought of as a place of safety, feasting, and substance. The Jews considered God's Word, in particular the Torah, to be their spiritual sustenance--which indeed it was. But because of their rebellious unbelief, that Word became a judgment on them, a stumbling block and a retribution." [John MacArthur, Romans, page 104]

** These two verses come from the Messianic Psalm 69, verses 22 and 23, where David foretells the judgment of God upon Israel. What is significant about them loosing their sight?

The Messiah came to give sight to the blind!
cf. Matthew 11:2-6, Jesus sending word back to John the Baptist about His Messianic credentials, but Israel had been blinded spiritually by God!

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