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May Jesus Christ be Praised - Part 5

THE PRACTICE OF PRAISE            Page 4
V. 1 (cont'd.)

** Once we have formed this pattern of sacrifice, even one that is pleasing to God, have we done something extra-ordinary for a Christian?

Absolutely not! This is the norm! Our heavenly Father sought us out, just to worship Him in this manner. All see - John 4:21-24

** As we return to our passage for today, how is Christianity described here in Romans 12:1?

It shows us that Biblical Christianity is not to be based upon what we get or demand from God, but rather it is based upon what we "present" to Him. Our salvation is to be God centered, not us centered!

V. 2 ** Clearly this should be our desire, if we want Jesus Christ to be praised in our life. But how do we do it, what should be the two main characteristics of our life?

1) "...do not be conformed to the world..."
2) "...be transformed..."

** Let's look at these one at a time. Why should we not want to be conformed to the world?

Paul uses a word [suschematizo] which refers to an outward expression that does not reflect what is within. It is used of masquerading, or putting on an act, specifically by following a prescribed pattern or scheme [schema]. WE MUST NOT FOLLOW THE PATTERN OF THIS WORLD!

All see - 1John 5:19, John 17:15-17, John 15:17-20

** Do we have any of this world's corrupted stuff still in us?

Sadly, yes! cf. Romans 7:21, 8:23, James 1:14
We still are not to be conformed in our lifestyle!

** So secondly, in order to not be conformed, what must happen to us?

We must be transformed!

** How is that process accomplished?

"...by the renewing of the mind..."

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