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LED BY THE SPIRIT                                     Page 6

V.24 ** If we are being “Led by the Spirit” into our daily steps for the Lord, will we ever stumble?

Absolutely! We are still in our Romans 7 flesh and can miss a step every once in a while. David says, “When he falls...” not “If he falls”. It is a forgone conclusion that we will fail at times. cf. 1John 1:8

** Are we going to be destroyed if we trip up?

We will “not be hurled headlong”.

** Why is that, Who is looking out for us?

“Because the Lord is the One who holds his hand!” It is so wonderful to know that we can serve our God with a clear conscience and trust Him to forgive us from our error and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. cf. 1Timothy 3:8-9


** What were the five commands given to us by David today that would help us to understand the first principle of being “Led by the Spirit”?

You can know that the Holy Spirit is leading you through every decision of everyday, if you are...

Saved, Spirit-filled, Sanctified, Submissive and willing to Suffer for the name of Christ. Seeing the expressed will of God in your life, you now understand and obey David’s five commands which were:

1)Trust in the Lord, 2)Do good, 3)Dwell in the land, 4)Cultivate faithfulness and 5)Delight yourself in the Lord.


** What were the two principles from David which would ensure that we are living each day “Led by the Spirit”?

1) Do whatever you want!
2) Keep moving!

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