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Led by the Spirit - Part 6

LED BY THE SPIRIT                                     Page 3
V. 3 (cont’d.)

** What is David’s second command for us Spirit led Christians to follow?

2) Quite simply,”and do good”! This “good” puts our trust into action. If we are truly trusting in the Lord, then we can do good even to those evildoers and wrongdoers who would harm us.
cf. Matthew 5:43-45 (From outside the church) and 1Peter 3:8-9 (From inside the church)

** Still here in verse three, what is our next command?

3) Dwell in the land! David knew that if we are trusting in the Lord and doing good, we would be able to settle down and live where our gracious God has placed us; with contentment.
cf. Philippians 4:11, Hebrews 13:5-6

** David’s fourth command is most encouraging for the hunger of our souls. What does he want us to do in the middle of our contentment?

4)...cultivate faithfulness.” lit. “feed securely or feed on His faithfulness”. David wants us to feed our hearts with the faithfulness of our loving God. This would certainly ensure that we remain content. cf. Genesis 32:10, Deuteronomy 32:3-4, Psalm 33:4 and Galatians 5:22

V. 4 ** What is David’s fifth command for those of us who live each day being “Led by the Spirit”?

5)Delight yourself in the Lord!” If we were to fully understand this command, we would never delight in anything but our gracious Lord and in the things He has provided for us.
cf. 1John 2:15, James 1:17

OK - Let’s make an assessment of where we find ourselves in understanding the call of God to be “Led by the Spirit”. You can know that the Holy Spirit is leading you through every decision of everyday, if you are...

Saved, Spirit-filled, Sanctified, Submissive and willing to Suffer for the name of Christ. Seeing the expressed will of God in your life, you now understand and obey David’s five commands which were:

1)Trust in the Lord, 2)Do good, 3)Dwell in the land, 4)Cultivate faithfulness and 5)Delight yourself in the Lord.

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