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SUFFERING                                     Page 3

V. 2 ** So what does Peter want the elders to do in the midst of all of the suffering which the Lord has allowed to come upon His church?

They are to “shepherd the flock of God”. One of the most serious charges in Scripture, the elder is accountable to God for how he takes care of his brothers and sisters which the Lord has placed under his wing. cf. Hebrews 13:17 and Colossians 4:17

** Did you notice the proximity of God’s flock?

Peter says that it is “among” the elders. We have been built into the household of God and are members of one another. The elder must be personally involved in the lives of their flock and deeply caring for their needs. cf. 1Peter 2:4-5 and 1Timothy 3:14-15

** Peter now lists three sets of motives for an elder, two here in verse two and one more in verse three. Each set comes with a positive motive to employ and a negative one to avoid. Let’s look at these individually and see how we can apply them to our own lives.

Set Number 1 -not under compulsion, but voluntarily

First, a proper Biblical “compulsion” from the apostle Paul is listed in 1Corinthians 9:16. Paul was compelled to serve His Lord because of all that God had done for him by forgiving his sin and granting him eternal life!

A voluntary spirit being displayed by:
Paul - Philippians 3:7-8
Peter - 1Peter 1:3
John - 1John 1:1-4 (3John 4)

Set Number 2 - “not for sordid gain, but with eagerness

Is it wrong to receive financial reward for Christian service?

No - 1Corinthians 9:14 and Luke 10:7

Even though money is primarily in view here, what other types of sordid gain could be considered improper as a motive for serving Christ?

Personal popularity, prestige, social influence are all to be avoided as motives.
cf. 1Timothy 3:8-9

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