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Led by the Spirit - Part 4

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V.17 (cont’d.)

4) Honor the king - Remember who the king is for the recipients of Peter’s letter, the emperor Nero.

** Are we still to honor the king, even if he (like Nero) hates Christians and was willing to kill them?

Yes - Our God is sovereign and has placed His authorities over us for His purpose. Ours is to trust and obey. cf. 1Timothy 2:1-2

These four imperatives then give us the environment in which we are to fulfill God’s expressed will for our lives by becoming more “Submissive”.


** Let’s review the list Peter has given to us today, which his readers and we ourselves would be
wise to carefully fulfill.

We are to:

1) submit to every human institution
2) act as freemen (not enslaved to sin)
3) be bondslaves of God (joyfully)
4) honor all men
5) love the brotherhood
6) fear God
7) honor the king


** How is this passage applicable for us today?

1) We have governing authorities.
2) We too, live for the Lord’s sake.
3) This is still the expressed will of God.
4) Men are still foolish.
5) We must obey the four imperatives of verse 17.


** Understanding what the expressed will of God is and desiring to live each day being “Led by the Spirit”, I must ask myself if there is an area of my life that is not in submission to the governing authorities which Christ has sovereignly placed over me.


** We have said before that obeying our gracious Lord will always come down to a decision on our part to submit to the authority of His Word in our lives. Let’s pray and ask the Lord to show us if there are areas we need to improve on this next week as we walk with Him.

Having done that, may He help us to make decisions which will honor His glorious name.

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