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V.15 (cont’d.)

** What is the right thing Peter wishes for us to do?

Be “Submissive”! Remember verse 13.

** How does this “put to silence” their ignorance?

Be being totally submissive to governing authorities (obeying the law), we remove their opportunity to make any valid claims against our lifestyle or our beloved Savior.

Special note: The term used for put to “silence”, means to tie shut, or to muzzle, a vicious dog. To stop the mouth of the objector so he is unable to say anything further against God or the gospel of Jesus Christ. All see - Matthew 22:23-34

V.16 ** Back in 1Peter 2:16, how does Peter describe believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?

As “free men”!

** In what sense have we been made free?

We are free from sin. It no longer masters us.
cf. John 8:31-36, Galatians 5:1 and 5:13

** How are we not to use our freedom?

“...as a covering for evil...” We must not say that because Christ paid for my sin, I can do what ever I want. I do not have to obey man’s laws. cf. Romans 6:1-2

** How are we to use our new freedom in Christ?

“...use it as bondslaves of God”. (Romans 6:22)

** What is a “free bondslave”?

As Christians we are voluntarily submissive to the right Master. Our relationship to God as “bondslaves” means we belong completely to Him and are bound to do His will with a joyful heart. It is not only our position but it is also our personal preference.

V.17 ** Peter tells us specifically what to do as God’s bondslaves which will silence foolish men. Let’s look at the four imperatives given by Peter and learn how to apply them to our “Submissive” lifestyles.

1) Honor all men - Funny question, who does that include?

All men!

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