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V.13 (cont’d.)

** Who was the king at this time?

As we have already said, Nero was the emperor of Rome and as such was viewed by all to be “the king”. cf. John 19:15 and Acts 17:5-7

V.14 ** What is the next example of whom we are to be in submission?

Governors who have been “sent” by the king. They represent his God given authority and it is from him that they have gained authority over the people.

** What is their two-fold function according to Peter?

As they represent the king (and by default, God Himself), they are to:

1) Bring about “punishment of evildoers”
2) Proclaim “praise of those who do right”

** Which of these preoccupations took up most of the governor’s time do you suppose?

Without question - punishment of evildoers!
The United States Department of Justice reports that in 1980 over 1,842,000 individuals were under “correctional supervision”; which means they were either on probation, in jail, in prison or out on parole. By 2001 that number had increased 357% to over 6,592,000 individuals.

Our God ordained governing authorities truly have their hands full, just dealing with the criminal element of the human race. We can be certain that the same was true of Peter’s time as well.

** If we feel that those same “governing authorities” are too busy to avenge our personal loss or injury, are we to take the law into our own hands?

No - Our calling is to submit to the authorities, not to replace them or to do their God given job. cf. Matthew 5:38-39, Romans 12:17-19 and 1Peter 2:23

V.15 ** According to this next verse what is the will of God?

“...by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.”

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