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V.13 ** As a backdrop to our study for today, we need to be reminded of why Peter was writing to these Christians who were “scattered” throughout Asia Minor. In His compassion, Peter had four main reasons for writing this epistle, they were:

1) To encourage Christians in the trials they are presently encountering. (1Peter 1:6)

2) To prepare them for coming trials. (1Peter 4:1-2)

3) To give them the divine perspective of life. (1Peter 3:17 and 1Peter 4:19)

4) To equip them to endure suffering without wavering in their faith. (1Peter 4:12-16)

** With so much compassion and concern for their welfare, is Peter now asking them to submit here in verse 13?

No - this is a command, in the aorist imperative. Peter is calling for a sense of urgency and wants them to obey immediately!

hupotagete - or “be subject”, James Moulton, in his book “A Grammar of New Testament Greek”, states that the verb here has a middle force or voice and may be translated “submit yourselves” or “put yourselves in the attitude of submission to”.

** So who is being called upon to accomplish this command for a submissive attitude?

All Christians! We are to submit “ourselves”, this is a voluntary acceptance of a position of obedience to a God ordained superior authority.

** What is the motive given by Peter here in verse thirteen which should compel us to obey this command?

We obey...”for the Lord’s sake”

This is why being submissive has been called the defining characteristic of a Christian.

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