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V. 8 ** This is a very high standard. What if someone does not agree with this Biblical calling for a "Sanctified” lifestyle? What if they think, "Hey, this is a new millennium. We should just do our own thing. Don't try to tell me how to live?”

This is not man's opinion! God, who gives His Holy Spirit to us who are redeemed, has also given this very important instruction on personal purity.

** If you reject this instruction, what else might you be rejecting?

Salvation - through the conviction and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. If you do not have the Holy Spirit, you cannot be “Led by the Spirit”! cf. Romans 8:9


** As you look back to verse one in this chapter, how would your describe the spiritual condition of the
believers living there in Thessalonica?

Very good! They actually did walk and please God!


** Even though they wanted to please God with their daily walk, what could they do to improve their "Sanctified” lifestyle?

"...abstain from sexual immorality..." by "possessing [their] own vessels in sanctification and


** What about us? Do we need to be aware of this instruction in the world we live in today?

Absolutely - We too need to possess our bodies in honor, by "holding back" or "keeping away" from the sin of this world so we can enjoy our "Sanctified” lifestlye each day.

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