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V. 3 ** What is it about the opening of this fourth chapter that indicates a new direction from the apostle Paul?

He begins with "Finally then, brethren..." Paul is making a major shift in his thinking. In chapter one he focused on the strong witness of the faith which the Thessalonians held. In chapter two he spoke of the excellence of his ministry to them and their mutual love for one another. In chapter three Paul affirmed that their faith was still standing and expressed his love for them through earnest, unrelenting prayer.

** As Paul now gets to the point, what seemingly elusive subject does he introduce?

God's will for our lives! God's will is referred to repeatedly throughout Scripture, but right here in our passage for today is possibly one of the most significant examples of the direct application of God's expressed will.

** So what does Paul say is God's will for us?

Our "sanctification".

This is the present day state of our salvation and it is referring to our "setapartness" unto God.
All see - John 17:15-17 and Romans 6:22

** Specifically, what does Paul want us to be set apart from as we walk with God?

"...that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality..."

abstain - apecho "to hold back", "to be away or to be distant". We are to keep ourselves back, away or distant from fornication or illicit sexual behavior. cf. 1Peter 2:11

V. 4 ** If we are living out each day in this "Sanctified” manner, what will we know how to do?

We will "...know how to possess [our] own vessel in sanctification and honor..."

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