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SPIRIT-FILLED                                     Page 5
V.18 (cont'd.)

** What type of things should we avoid, so that they are not able to influence us in the wrong way?

Those things (like wine), that given too wide a door of opportunity, will influence us to drift
away from God's desire for our life.

** Do you recall from our study in Ephesians the meaning of "be filled", which translates the Greek word pleroo?

It means to be moved or controlled by something. We saw in that study how sorrow, fear or rage can all be used to control our words and actions. Let's look a little closer at how this concept is represented in Scripture.

2Peter 1:21 - "men moved by the Holy Spirit", like wind filling a sail.
Our lives, under the control of the Holy Spirit, are driven along in the center of God's will. We must not allow ourselves to be controlled by anything other than our gracious God. cf. 1Corinthians 6:12, Matthew 26:69-75, Acts 4:8-12

** What is the contrast drawn by Paul in this verse?

Drunkenness vs. Control by the Holy Spirit.

** Why would he say that to a group of Christians?

Ephesus was the location of the Temple of Diana, where pagan worship of false Gods included drunken orgies. The drunker they got, the closer they felt they were to "god". Paul is simply correcting the error and calling believers to be different in their worship. The choice is ours to make!


** In the next two verses we will learn the sixth characteristic of living the Spirit-filled life. We are
also going to learn the quickest path to allowing the Holy Spirit to control our hearts. First of all, what
are the two manifestations in our life that we are under the Holy Spirit's control?

1. We sing! God has placed a new song in our heart and we cannot hold back from singing His praises. cf. Psalm 33:1-3, Psalm 40:1-3

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