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The Prediction

V. 1 ** According to Peter, why did he write this second epistle to “those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours”? (2Peter 1:1)

He felt it was important to be “stirring up” their minds, to cause them to remember what he had taught them from the Word of God.

V. 2 ** What two resources did these believers have for obtaining the Word of God?

They received it from “the holy prophets” (not false) and from the apostles.

** Peter was a very affectionate man and cared deeply for those which he had been given oversight. What word did he use here in verse two which described the relationship between the apostles and the saints?

He said, “the commandment of the Lord and Savior spoken by your apostles.” Peter always maintained the importance of leaders being closely connected to those whom they have been given oversight by the Lord. cf. 1Peter 5:2-3

V. 3 ** So what is “The Prediction”? What does Peter say is going to happen in the last days?

Mockers will come with their mocking...

** What compels these mockers, what is their driving force?

“...following after their own lusts...” Sin is more important to them than the truth of God’s Word. cf. 2Timothy 4:3-4

V. 4 ** What are they mocking?

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ in judgment.

** Does this mocking take place today?

Absolutely - Men do not want to be confused with the facts regarding the person of Jesus Christ.

** What is their reasoning for saying that He is not coming back?

“...all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation”. They are living in total denial!

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