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THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 1            Page 3
V.26 (cont'd.)

** How do we know his thinking pattern has not changed?

He does not act upon God's word! His thinking pattern continues to be fleshly and indifferent to the wisdom of God. cf. James 3:15

** What else does the fool do that is like the wise man?

He builds his house (or life).

V.27 ** Because his house building is not base upon Biblical thought, what happens to him when the trials of life come?

His house (life) falls, and great is that fall!

Clearly, we need to like the "wise" man who understands God's word and immediately acts upon it by adjusting our thought life to one that is Biblically based. cf. Luke 11:28

** To understand how important our thoughts are, please join me in Psalm 139:1-6. Read text.

V.1-4 According to the middle of this passage, how well does God know us?

V.3 "art intimately acquainted with all my ways"

** What kind of detail does His knowledge of us include?

V.2 "when I sit down and when I rise up"
V.3 "my path and my lying down"
V.4 my words, even before I speak (my thoughts)

V. 5 ** How thoroughly has God secured us?

"...enclosed me behind and before and laid Thy hand upon me."

V. 6 ** How should we respond to God's vast knowledge of us?

By recognizing how "wonderful" it is and being willing to acknowledge that only God Himself has this deep understanding of who we are.

As David concludes this marvelous Psalm, He shows us how the true child of God is willing to examine himself in the light of an Omniscient God.

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