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** To help us begin the process of determining "how" we think, we need to compare the thinking process of the fool and the wise man described in Scripture. While there are many passages that would do that for us, let's look together at Matthew 7:24-27, where our Lord summarizes all that He has taught in the Sermon on the Mount with a strong case for Thinking Biblically.

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V.24 ** What is the first thing that we see the wise man do in this verse?

He "hears" the words of Christ! The word translated in this verse as "hears" is "akouo" and means "to hear with understanding". This is the person who hears the gospel or hears God's word, and by God's grace understands it.

** How do we know that this individual starts Thinking Biblically, what do we see him do next?

He "acts upon" the words of God he has heard. Our actions are all based upon our thought pattern. If we are thinking fleshly (like the Corinthians), we will act fleshly. On the other hand, if we are in the habit of Thinking Biblically our actions will reflect God's righteousness.

** What is the third thing that we see the wise man do in this verse?

He builds his house (or life) upon the rock of the word of God.

V.25 ** What happens to this wise man as he continues to think Biblically and the trials of life assault him?

His life does not fall, but stands because it has been "founded upon the rock"!
cf. Jude 1:24-25

V.26 ** We are now introduced to the fleshly thinking fool. What does he first do, that is exactly the same as our wise friend?

He too, "hears" the word of God.

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