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Titus - Chapter Three

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 4           Page 6


** What were the two areas of our life that were to display godly behavior?

1) Subjection to the rulers and authorities that God has placed over us.

2) How we interact with the "neighbors" He brings our way.


** What factor in our salvation should prompt our hearts to a loving and willing obedience to God's Word?

"...when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, He saved us...!"

Our salvation is all "BY THE GRACE OF GOD".


** Since we have received so much grace from God, what kind of people should we be?

Maligning no one
Showing Consideration
Engaging in good deeds to meet pressing needs
We should be bearing fruit!


** Am I willing to let the grace of God produce Christ like character in me?

Lord help me to be Thinking Biblically in every situation so that I will always respond like Jesus Christ and thus bring You glory.

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