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Titus - Chapter Three

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 4           Page 2
V. 1 (cont'd.)

** The terms "rulers" and "authorities" are used here in concert with one another, but how do you think they relate to each other?

These are individuals that hold position of "rule" over us and God has given them the "authority" to direct our lives in the governmental aspects of the human community.

rule - comes from "archo" to rule, to begin
authorities - "exousia" the power to act

Romans 13:1-2 "...there is no authority except from God..."

"...he who resists authority has opposed the ordinances of God..."

V. 2 ** What is the second area of our life that is to display godly behavior?

How we interact with our "neighbors".

** Paul gives us four commands that, if followed, will make us children of God, "zealous for good deeds" (cf. Chapter 2, verse 14). What are they?

1) to malign no one - "blasphemeo" to slander, or to speak lightly or profanely of sacred things.

2) to be uncontentious - abstaining from fighting

3) gentle - equitable, yielding

4) showing every consideration - selflessness (for all men)
All see - Luke 10:25-37 (V.29, 36)

V. 3 ** Why should we act in this godly manner toward all men? What did we have in common with them?

Foolishness, disobedience, being easily deceived, enslaved (to sin), malice, envy and hate!

V. 4 ** What happened to change our helpless state into the joy of Christ we now share?

"...the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared..."

** Do you recall from last week what that was?

The incarnation of God Almighty in the person of Jesus Christ! (cf. V.6 and John 1:1,14)

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