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Titus - Chapter Two

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 3           Page 6
V.15 (cont'd.)

** What does Paul add to help Titus in his position of authority over the churches of Crete?

"Let no one disregard you." That is applicable to us today as well!


** How important is the Word of God for the Christian who truly wants to develop a pattern of Godly Behavior by Thinking Biblically?

It is imperative! Psalm 119:165 "Those who love Thy law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble."


** What has happened in the course of human events that would draw us close to God?

The incarnation of God in the person of Jesus Christ, which put His grace on display offering salvation to all men.


** As you review the Holy Spirit's instruction on the subject of Godly Behavior, are you prone to disregard the parts that do not agree with your present lifestyle? Or, are you willing to honor God's word by applying the truths that we have learned today?

At the beginning of today's study we were asked, "How is our genuine faith in Christ manifested"? The answer Paul has given us is..."It is manifested in our Godly Behavior."


** While we might only be able to identify with one or two of the five groups Paul listed for us today, we can learn the riches of God's wisdom for every one of His children and then be prepared to proclaim it when He gives us the opportunity. That is going to require us to be Thinking Biblically all the time. Will you be so prepared?

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