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Titus - Chapter Two

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 3           Page 4
V. 4-5 (cont'd.)

** Does this priority list prevent the younger women from being involved in things outside the home, whether in the area of employment or social agendas?

No, she must maintain God's priority list, but if there is time and energy left she is free to do other things as well. Turn to Proverbs 31 and we will see such an example.
V. 10-12 Her husband
V. 13-27 Her household
V. 23 She honors her husband
V. 24 She engages in business
V. 25 Spiritual character of integrity
V. 28-31 God honors her
This is the same priority list found in Titus 2, let's go back to verse 5 for our next question.

** What will be the impact of failing to maintain this priority list as a pattern of godly behavior?

"...the word of God..." will be dishonored!

V. 6 ** The fourth group, young men, are instructed to be the same as everyone else so far in this letter. What?

"...to be sensible..."   Thinking Biblically!

V. 7 ** Their godly behavior "in all things" should make them an example of good deeds, but with what attributes?

1) purity (uncorruptness) in doctrine 2) dignified
3) sound in speech which is beyond reproach (V.8)

V. 8 ** For what purpose?

"...in order that the opponent may be put to shame, having nothing bad to say about us."
cf. Revelation 12:9-10 and 1Peter 2:12

V. 9 ** The last of the five groups on Paul's list is the people, who although Christ has set them free from sin, are presently serving as slaves to earthly masters. What analogy can we draw that would help us to apply Paul's instruction to our life today?

The employer/employee relationship.

** Paul gives four commands to the slave, two positive and two negative, what are they?

1) Be subject [in everything] 2) Be well-pleasing
1) not argumentative 2) not pilfering (V.10)

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