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Titus - Chapter Two

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 3           Page 2
V. 1 (cont'd.)

** What is the first area of contrast in the life of the Believer when compared to the men of the world?

How we speak!
V.10 - "...rebellious men, empty talkers..."
V. 1 - "...speak things which are fitting for sound doctrine." cf. Chapter 1, V. 9

** How important is the Word of God in the life of a Christian?

It is our only resource as we battle the onslaught of sin and the corruption that is in the world. King David understood the importance of living in the light of sound doctrine as he penned Psalm 119. This psalm is a didactic poem, that is, it is designed to instruct and bring pleasure simultaneously. It is laid out as an acrostic based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew language and mentions God's Word in all but seven verses.

Psalm 119, V. 9-16, 23, 27, 48, 67, 71, 89, 97, 99, 105-106, 148, 160-161, and finally 165!

In order for us to be Thinking Biblically, we must become even more familiar with God's precious word.

V. 2 ** After that breathtaking look at the importance of knowing and speaking sound doctrine or the Word of God, let's go back to Titus 2:2 and learn the five areas of application that Paul gave to Titus regarding our Godly Behavior.

** What is the first group of Believers that he addresses?

Older men. These are the Christians that everyone else ought to be able to follow in their Christlike behavior.

** What are the four areas of concern, in the heart of Paul, regarding these pattern setters?

They are to be:
1) temperate- wineless, clearheaded, without excess
2) dignified - serious, respectable
3) sensible - mature judgment, proper restraint
4) sound - whole, stable, healthy,

** The fourth area of the elder Christian's life is to be manifested in three ways, what are they?

Faith, love and perseverance (steadfastness). In all these things, he is to be a rock!

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