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Titus - Chapter One

THINKING BIBLICALLY - Part 2           Page 5

Alright, we have seen "The Powerful Proclamation" and "The Prescribed Pattern", now let's see the "Phony Profession".

The Phony Profession

V.10 ** How large is the army of fakers that is trying to draw men away from the true gospel and our Lord?

"...there are many..."

** What are their characteristics?

They are "rebellious, empty talkers and deceivers.

** During the ministry of Paul and Titus, from where did most of these false teachers come?

"...especially those of the circumcision..." these were the Judaizers that we met last week in Acts 15:1 who said, "Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved".

V.11 ** Why must they be silenced?

"...because they are upsetting whole families..." by teaching false doctrine.

** What is their motive?

"...for the sake of sordid gain..." cf. V.7

V.12 ** What was the reputation of those who lived on Crete?

"...Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons..."

** Who said that?

"...a prophet of their own..." According to historians, somewhere between 630 and 500 B. C., a man know as Epimenedes (E-pim-e-knee-dees), which Plato considered to be "a divinely inspired man", wrote about the Cretans terrible reputation. It continued right down to the day of Paul and Titus.

V.13 ** Even though this "testimony is true", how could they be turned around?

If Titus and the elders were to "reprove them severely" with the Word of God, they would become sound in the faith. cf. 2Timothy 3:16-17

V.14 ** What two things were they doing wrong?

1) "...paying attention to Jewish myths..."
2) "...[paying attention to] commandments of men.."

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