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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

LOVING TO SHARE           Page 5

V.23 ** Paul finishes this masterpiece the same way it began, with the grace of the Lord Jesus
(Philippians 1:2). Why is that so important?

All that has been said in this wonderful letter has been authorized by, sustained by, energized by and fulfilled by God's grace. If the Philippians or even ourselves are to be changed by what Paul has written, we are totally dependent upon the "grace of the Lord Jesus Christ".

If we are people, called children of God, who are "Loving to Share" all that God has done for us, it is only because of his "Amazing Grace"! It is very fitting for the grace of God to be the bookends of this epistle.


** What kind of people had the Philippians become as Christians "in the matter of giving and receiving"?

These were amazingly generous people, who by God's grace even begged for the privilege of giving their own lives and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

** Were they just a flash in the pan, giving only to partake in the latest trend?

No - They gave from their heart, prompted by God, over and over again.
They would not be denied!


** Why should I want to be this kind of giver? What will it accomplish if I am genuine?

1) Fruit that remains!
2) Glory to God for all eternity!

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