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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

LOVING TO SHARE           Page 4

V.19 ** What is God's response to someone who has this pattern of giving? If we are "Loving to Share" with others around us, what will God do?

He will supply all your needs. cf. Matthew 6:32

** Is there any limit to God's resources from which He will meet our needs?

Absolutely not! It is "according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
cf. Hebrews 6:10, Romans 8:32

V.20 ** When Paul reflects upon the vast goodness of God and the limitless resources He has at His disposal for blessing us, what does that cause the apostle to do?

Break forth in praise! A doxology or praise saying!

** What is the content of Paul's praise?

Glory to God! All see - Revelation 5:12-14

** Now, back in Philippians 4:20, how long should this God glorifying praise continue?

"...forever and ever..." We will join in that praise, perfectly, throughout all eternity.

V.21 ** As we have learned over the past four months, Paul and the saints at Philippi had a very close, loving and strong relationship. Was that a closed relationship, excluding other believers?

No - While Paul wishes to greet "every saint in Christ Jesus" there in Philippi, he also wants them to understand the love for the Philippians which was demonstrated by those brethren who were with him in Rome. The Body of Christ and the love it shares is not exclusive, but inclusive. It is dearest to those who are of like precious faith, but extends even to our enemies.
cf. Matthew 5:43-44

V.22 ** How far did Paul's circle of Christian love expand?

"All the saints greet you, especially those of Caesar's (Nero) household.

** What is unusual about that statement?

In Rome, you were to do as the Romans did! Worship Caesar - not Jesus Christ. It is truly amazing that people employed in Caesar's household would have given their hearts to Christ and want to share their common love for the Savior and other Christians, with the saints at Philippi.

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