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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two



** Alright then, let's bring this all together. As we opened our study today, what part of our life did Paul begin with which is foundational for our "Learning to be Content"?

Our thought life - V.8


** From our thought life, where did he take us?

To our daily "practice". We need to be men and women of the same integrity as was Paul. - V.9


** What aspect of contentment were we exposed to today, which should encourage us when we realize that we have not arrived yet?

It is a learning process!! Even for the apostle Paul. V.11 - "I have learned" and V.12 - "I have learned the secret".

** What was that secret and how does it impact you right now as you consider the power behind it?

It is a statement of fact that "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me", including being able to maintain a contented spirit.


** Contentedness can be a fleeting thing. Here one moment and gone the next. Today we saw three passages which spoke of the "power resource" we have in Christ to help us to continue "Learning to be Content".

They were:

2Corinthians 12;9
Ephesians 3:16
Colossians 1:10-11a

It would be wise for us to spend time each day this next week reading over those passages and praising God for teaching us and equipping us to be content.

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