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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

V. 9 (Cont'd.)

** Paul had been the good example, why is it so important to "practice" a godly way of life?

It is the validation of who we are! We do not "act" godly to be saved; but because we have been saved by God's grace, we desire to do these things as a result of our salvation.
cf. 1John 2:6, 3:7-8

V.10 ** Having set the Philippians onto the proper "thought" and "walk" path, he again turns to his desire to show how much he loves them and is thankful for them. Had the Philippians previously been concerned for Paul?

Yes - They had "revived" their concern for Paul.

** What was the problem, why had they gone through a dry spell of helping Paul in the ministry?

They "lacked opportunity". Either they had not heard about his imprisonment, or there was no way for them to get to Paul.

** Do you recall from chapter two how the Philippians did respond out of their revived concerned for Paul?

They had sent a gift, in the person of Epaphroditus who was their "messenger and minister" to Paul's need. cf. Philippians 2:25

We will see next week Paul's specific reference to the gift that the Philippians sent with Epaphroditus and what it really accomplished, but for now he wants to instruct them once more.

V.11 ** Drawing from his present circumstances, what does Paul want to teach them?

How to be content!

** Going off the page for a moment, what do you remember about Paul's circumstances that would have challenged any hope for contentment?

He was under house arrest (for two years!).

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