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Philippians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

LIVING IN HARMONY           Page 2

** Today we want to learn what to do when division enters the Body of Christ. Are there any steps we can take to preserve the unity of the Spirit? How can we continue to be "Living in Harmony" to the glory of God? Please open your Bible to Philippians 4:1-7 as we prepare our hearts to learn from His Word.

Read Passage (V.1-3) (V.4-7)

Opening Prayer

Living in Harmony


V. 1 ** We have become quite familiar with Paul's writing style and we know that he is about to connect a command with a previous statement of fact. How do we know that?

Because he frequently connects the two with the word "therefore". Paul repeatedly uses this form of instruction, giving us God's stated truth and then following it up with the best application.

** Here in verse one, what is the basic command put forth by the apostle?

"...stand firm in the Lord..."

** Is that a new thought of Paul's to the Philippians?

No, see Philippians 1:27 cf. 1Corinthians 16:13-14, Galatians 5:1

** In our present situation, what statement of fact is Paul connecting to this command with the use of the
word "therefore"?

From chapter 3, verse 18 - "for many walk...that are enemies of the cross of Christ..." There is a tremendous need for Christians to stand firm, one in the faith, against those who would rise up against the truth of the gospel.

** Do you recall the four types of bad examples lived out by the "many" in chapter 3, verse 19, which we
should avoid?

1) Actions which lead to destruction!
2) Feeding our lust - worshipping it!
3) Boasting and/or approving of sin!
4) Setting our minds on earthly behavior patterns!

"Living in Harmony" only honors the Lord when that harmony reflects His righteousness and glory!

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