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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Four

EXTRICATE (cont'd.)

** We might even be able to think of a brother or sister in Christ today that displays the godly mindset of Christ. What should we do when we encounter these kind of godly patterns?

We should be diligent to be "Repeating the Pattern" God has set before us in the life of His children.


** What were the four bad examples that we should avoid?

1) Actions which lead to destruction!
2) Feeding our lust - worshipping it!
3) Boasting and/or approving of sin!
4) Setting our minds on earthly behavior patterns!


** Who are some of the godly people I know?

** How do they respond to any given situation or test?

** What can I do to become more like them; and thus more like Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior?


** Father, help me to become a good example for others to follow for the sake of Your glory.

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