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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

REACHING FOR THE GOAL           Page 6


** As you look closely now, at your own heart, where do you fall short?

Do you nullify the redeeming work of Christ by saying you are not good enough and God cannot use you?

Do you exalt yourself to self-sufficency by forgetting your daily dependence upon the Lord?

** That second example is more subtle than you might think.

When we fail to prayerfully consider decision, when we fail to pray for our needs, when we fail to look in His word for guidance or instruction, we are subtly declaring our self-sufficency!


** Are you willing to commit to "pressing on" for Christ's sake, by living everyday "Reaching for the Goal" of Christlikeness in all things?

Remember 1Timothy 6:12 - We are to "Fight the good fight of faith" without a preoccupation of evaluating our own holiness or the lack of it! Christ is our judge, we need to be preoccupied with living like Him!

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