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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

REJECTING THE WORLD           Page 6
EVALUATE (cont'd.)

** Why is that so difficult?

Because the world around us is very visible and demanding - it is always pressing in against us, trying to disrupt the life we desire to live for the "sake of Christ".

Remember - 1John 2:15, and then verse 16!


** It is no small thing to change your value system! As you mature in Christ, you will find the need for adjustment reoccurring your whole life long. Just do not become afraid to make the necessary adjustments when the Lord makes it clear that it is time to remove something from your life or to add something to your life, that you might become more conformed to His glorious image.

Lord help us to remain focused upon You and Your expressed will from the Word of God, that we might be "Rejecting the World" and its value system while we grow even more in our love for Jesus Christ!

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