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Philippians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

REJECTING THE WORLD           Page 5
V.11 (Cont'd.)

There is no question that Paul lived out his Christian life "Rejecting the World" and its value system, while at the same time being very thankful that he will be part of the resurrection because of what Christ has accomplished on our behalf!

We would do well to follow his example!


** What two areas of Paul's pre-Christian life did he end up re-evaluating as harmful to his soul?

1) His fleshly religious effort
2) His possessions and position that could be used to draw his affection away from the surpassing value of knowing Christ.


** Given his new Godly value system, what were the things that proved to be of surpassing value in
Paul's life?

1) Knowing Jesus Christ! (V. 8)

2) Righteousness by faith. (V. 9)

3) Knowing the power of His resurrection. (V.10)

4) Partaking in His suffering. (V.10)

5) Being conformed to His death. (V.10)


** If we were to share Paul's new value system, what impact would it have on the everyday events of our

We would be more stable, being less concerned for the "things" of this world and more concerned for how we might be pleasing to our Savior.

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